IMPACTR Community Newsletter 2019-11

Welcome to IMPACTR's first community newsletter.

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IMPACTR Community - current status


IMPACTR_X - organise or participate in a local session debating a sustainability topic

Webinar - join our webinar on the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019


Coming soon - IMPACTR app

Debating Event - join in Copenhagen on 11th December to debate ´equality in tech´

IMPACTR_Youth - becoming an IMPACTR and joining a place of empowerment and representation


Join Slack - discuss with other community members and give us feedback

Feedback, comments or questions: Feel free to reach out to us through Slack or


IMPACTR Community

As a community member you're probably keen to know the current status of the IMPACTR Community.


At time of writing the community involves almost 1000 members from 85 countries  from all over the world.


During November we are welcoming an increasing number of new members every day.


You can help us grow that number by inviting potential IMPACTRs like us to join our community.


Refer them to our signup forms via the website.



We have launched an exciting new community engagement platform that you all can get involved in called IMPACTR_X.

IMPACTR_X is a platform for creating exchange of knowledge, viewpoints, ideas, solutions and actions, with the objective to create actionable outcomes that accelerate change.  We aim to host and broadcast engaging interactive sessions, think "TEDx" but in the format of a  roundtable conversational panel or debate.  IMPACTR_X sessions are independently run and organised by IMPACTR Ambassadors all over the world.


Check out the first IMPACTR_X here.

Are you interested in organising an IMPACTR_X?  Check out this page for more details on how.


Webinar - Global Sustainable Development Report 2019

What you need to know

Have you not yet found the time to digest the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019? Thursday December 5th at 20 pm you have the change to catch up when Giorgia Scartozzi , Sustainability Analyst at IMPACTR, will host a webinar on the subject.

This webinar will highlight the key facts and figures on sustainable development and outline the required actions to create the transformation needed to turn the situation around.

This session addresses facts and infographics across areas such as energy, climate, environment, food systems, inequality, economy, poverty, biodiversity loss and urban development.

The webinar is free but the number of participants is limited and registration will be closed when the webinar is fully booked. If you're interested sign up for the webinar right now on Eventbrite.


Coming soon - IMPACTR app

The IMPACTR app is launching for iOS devices in December. An Android version will follow in the new year. The app is a hybrid of a social media network and an opportunities portal, which makes it easy for users to discover trusted actions.

Join IMPACTR on the app and share about the most sustainable solutions you know of, enabling others who are interested to discover and engage with them.  You can also find your own relevant opportunities to take action and make an impact.  Add your viewpoints, upvote posts, join forum discussions, share and post about trusted sustainability opportunities.

You can track the impact you´re making on the app via your interactions with different sustainability areas, and the actions you take.  You can search specifically for topics you care about where you want to take targeted action!

For a sneak peek see a demo of the app here.


Event coming up 11th December - Live debate in Copenhagen, DK

Debate - yes or no?  "Quotas are for fish not the solution to equality in tech?"

Let´s get real.    We are still far behind in gender equality and tech is no exception.  Screw just the talks about how to “fix the women”, we need to get to conclusions and take action. Do you want to advance on this issue? Do you work or are thinking about working in tech?  Join the debate to create a common ground where all humans are represented fairly and respectfully, with inclusive technologies working for everyone.

We will have a diverse and highly energised panel of speakers and the debate will be hosted by Laura Lorenzen who is IMPACTR´s Sustainability & Culture manager.   

The event is free but the number of participants is limited and registration will be closed when the event is fully booked. If you're interested sign up for the debate right now on Eventbrite.



IMPACTR is providing a platform for the youth community to expand the reach of their voice and transition to the next actionable steps beyond the climate strikes.

Becoming an IMPACTR is a transition from striking and protesting to becoming empowered to make action and change happen with our own hands.

IMPACTR provides representation and hope, as well as a place of possibility and enablement for the youth community.

See IMPACTR´s youth community speaking about the challenges we face here.


Join Slack - discuss with other community members and give us feedback

To make it easy for you to discuss, supplement and exchange knowledge with other community members and to provide feedback to IMPACTR, we have set up an IMPACTRs community channel in Slack. For those of you who haven't used Slack before, it's a pretty intuitive collaboration tool. It makes it easy to share information with the entire community, or with one or a selected group of people.

Join the Slack community here.  

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