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IMPACTR - a trusted guide to impact!

We're on a mission to connect everyone in a universal network for sustainability. Our first platform, launching in January 2020, is a digital app designed as a hybrid between a social media network and opportunities portal, connecting people with trusted sustainable solutions. 


Our network of user-generated solutions will address a diverse range of categories, optimising relevance based on users preferences. Solutions range from products, services, projects, causes, events, and other opportunities, that authentically address issues like climate action, plastic waste, and equality, as well as things like sustainable food and fashion. And our Expert community, led by sustainability scientists, academics, practitioners and industry, will help our community make the most sustainable choices that they can trust,  with ease and speed. Slide to impact!


By connecting everyone in the sustainability network, we hope to accelerate growth and adoption of sustainability by empowering each other to make greater collective impact.

Our mission is to make sustainability the ‘new normal’  

To help drive the transition of a new, reimagined 21st century economy aligned with the ethical, social and environmental priorities of our time, the world needs the most sustainable business models to reach scale and mainstream adoption. 

People are demanding sustainable options, but they don't know where to find them or which ones to trust. And while sustainable solutions exist, they aren't scaling or being connected to market demand because the industry is largely fragmented and not currently optimized for mass reach and adoption. Despite the rise in social and environmental consciousness, people don’t know where to start or how to accurately search for, discover, and assess sustainable options, or make a measurable impact. Generally speaking, there is a limited understanding of what sustainability actually is and, on a global scale, there is low penetration of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  


Impactr will help scale sustainable solutions and shift them from niche to mainstream market adoption. We will do this by connecting all stakeholders in the impact ecosystem, from research to innovation to business, and expand that to reach through to the broader society.


Underpinned by the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, Impactr will be a forum for exchange and exploration, as well a destination for verified sustainable initiatives. All of this with the ambition to speed up the realization of the world’s most important “to do” list: the UN´s 2030 agenda.