IMPACTR Expert Community Newsletter 2019-11

Welcome to IMPACTR's first Expert Community newsletter.

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Expert Community - current status - get free access to a 360 degree worldwide view on a sustainability topic


Webinar - join our webinar on the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019


Coming soon - IMPACTR app


Join Slack - discuss with other experts and give us feedback

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Expert Community

As an Expert you're probably keen to know the current status of the IMPACTR Expert Community.


At time of writing the community involves 118 experts from 29 countries  from all over the world.


During the last part of November we have welcomed between 20 and 30 new experts every week.


You can help us grow that number by inviting potential experts to join our Expert Community. Refer them to our Welcome Expert Community deck.

Meet our partner - the next generation of media ecosystems. brings together all the serious media and gives you the overall perspective. The goal of is to fight fake news through information and debate.

Some of the amazing features of include the ability to search articles across all languages with only one search string; get a 360° overview by searching for all articles that relate to a given article; search on topics like climate change, and filter articles based on whether they are mainly positive or negative.

As an IMPACTR expert you can create a profile and use for free. Log in to and use it when you search for sustainability-related topics. That will help  us customize SDG-related credible news.

Create a profile here and get to know the search functionality here. is also available as mobile apps for Android as well as iOS.


Webinar - Global Sustainable Development Report 2019

What you need to know

Have you not yet found the time to digest the Global Sustainable Development Report 2019? Thursday December 5th at 20 pm you have the change to catch up when Giorgia Scartozzi , Sustainability Analyst at IMPACTR, will host a webinar on the subject.

This webinar will highlight the key facts and figures on sustainable development and outline the required actions to create the transformation needed to turn the situation around.

This session addresses facts and infographics across areas such as energy, climate, environment, food systems, inequality, economy, poverty, biodiversity loss and urban development.

The webinar is free but the number of participants is limited and registration will be closed when the webinar is fully booked. If you're interested sign up for the webinar right now on Eventbrite.


Coming soon - IMPACTR app

The IMPACTR app is launching for iOS devices in December. An Android version will follow in the new year. The app is a hybrid of a social media network and an opportunities portal, which makes it easy for users to discover trusted actions.

Join IMPACTR on the app and guide the crowd on the most sustainable solutions.  Add your expert viewpoints, upvote posts, join forum discussions, share and post about trusted sustainability opportunities.

As an expert you will always stand out. Experts have a special status badge which will be visible on your inputs in forum discussions and posts.  Furthermore, your upvote on a post carries a 10:1 weighting compared to a standard user, which implies that posts gaining significant expert support will be the ones rising to the top and getting the most exposure to the broader audience.

For a sneak peek see a demo of the app here.


Join Slack - discuss with other experts and give us feedback

To make it easy for you to discuss, supplement and exchange knowledge with other experts and to provide feedback to IMPACTR, we have set up an expert channel in Slack. For those of you who haven't used Slack before, it's a pretty intuitive collaboration tool. It makes it easy to share information with the entire Expert Community, or with one or a selected group of people.

Join the Slack community here.