IMPACTR Expert Community Newsletter 2020-03

Welcome to IMPACTR's Expert Community newsletter.

List of contents

How do I engage? - a recurring question

Challenging times - IMPACTR in a new reality 

Flick the Switch - the first IMPACTR Storm campaign

Expert Community - status and growth potential

Upcoming webinars - indigenous women, urban neighborhoods and disruption of agriculture

Expert channel - have you missed it so far?


How do I engage?

This is a question we have received a number of times from people in the Expert Community. To make it more explicit  in this newsletter, all opportunities to engage are described in green boxes marked with the label ENGAGE just like this one:

Comments, feedback, questions?

If this newsletter gives rise to any comments, feedback or questions, feel free to contact Lars in a direct message in Slack or via email.


Challenging times

In a very short time, the corona pandemic has changed daily routines dramatically many places in the world. What does that mean for IMPACTR and the Expert Community?


Luckily, most of our activities are online and thus unaffected by lockdown. The exception is IMPACTR_XChange events, which are physical panel discussion in front of an audience.


The recent IMPACTR_XChange event at Copenhagen Business School Keep shopping, Tech will surely save us, right? was cancelled just a few hours before opening. In IMPACTR we apologize deeply to the five Experts volunteering to be part of  the super panel set up for this interesting debate.

Likewise, the IMPACTR_XChange events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Copenhagen and London last week of March are all cancelled as physical events. But we're working on a different format allowing panelists and audience to stay at home. 


So stay tuned for more info in our social media channels. 


Flick the Switch

IMPACTR Storm campaigns are global campaigns focusing on specific actions that individuals, households, organizations and companies can take to make a specific impact. Storm campaigns will be launched gradually country by country - often in cooperation with local organizations.

The role of the Expert Community is to provide independent input and validations to the Storm campaigns. It is our hope that many Experts will contribute when their expertise and local knowledge will help us move mountains.

Flick the Switch is the first IMPACTR Storm campaign. The aim is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by making people switch their electricity provider.

Help validate rankings of electricity providers!

Our recommendation of the most green electricity providers rely on third-party ranking schemes. But we don't just take them for granted, we need YOUR help to validate that the rankings can be trusted. You do that by scoring them on age, transparency and method applied.

Ranking schemes are most often in the local language, so select your local scheme and those you understand. 

Go to the scoring form


Expert Community

The Expert Community is continuously growing. At time of writing it consists of 237 Experts located in 48 countries having at lest 51 nationalities altogether. 

The expertise range from Arctic exploration to human rights, from climate science to food waste, and from circular economy to diversity and inclusion.

It's our ambition that the Expert Community should cover the broadest possible set of sustainability-related competences and be as diverse as possible - also in relation to age and gender.

Right now, we don't have good measures for the age distribution, but for the gender distribution a preliminary evaluation indicates that more than 55% of Experts are women.

Let's unite - help grow the Expert Community

The Expert Community is vital  for pursuing IMPACTR's mission. Science, knowledge and facts are crucial for the sustainability revolution. Our reach and impact multiplies with the number of Experts.


Let's grow the community even stronger. Here is what you can do:

Reach out to relevant colleagues and people in your network working with sustainability.

  1. Tell them that IMPACTR's mission is to empower everybody to take sustainability action.

  2. Explain how the Expert Community is IMPACTR's trusted guides in sustainability.

  3. And not the least - tell them why you joined the Expert Community!

  4. Direct them to the expert page of our website:

On the expert page you will find links to more detailed information and the sign-up form.


Upcoming webinars

Three exciting webinars are in the making:

March 24th, Federica Catonini will host a webinar focused on SDG 5 - gender equality.

Indigenous Women, Law and the Environment

Indigenous people, especially indigenous women, are at the frontline of environmental protection efforts. This is a hard battle for indigenous women, who are among the most vulnerable people on the planet and are subject to disproportionate levels of violence and discrimination.

But what are the law and international society doing to help them and advance their rights? And what can we do to empower them?

Due shortly - sign up for the webinar

April 15th, Charlotte Ernst and Yasna Ilhe Wiboltt will share insights from their master project, including results from field studies in a house association in Copenhagen.

Neighborhoods' Development towards Sustainability through Design and Behavior.

  • Do our existing neighborhoods support sustainable lifestyles?

  • What is the role of community practices in relation to sustainability?

  • How do people want to live in their neighborhoods, and does that support sustainability?


Registration will open soon

Last but not least, Giorgia Scartozzi is preparing a webinar based on the report from the thinktank RethinkX.


Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030


 According to disruption expert Tony Seba and his team we're on the cusp of the deepest, fastest, most consequential disruption in food and agricultural production since the first domestication of animals ten thousand years ago.

If the second domestication of plants and animals, the disruption of the cow, and the collapse of industrial livestock farming spur your  interest, this webinar is for you.


A date will be announced soon 

Are YOU our next webinar host?

SDG of April is SDG 3 good health and well being - a  relevant coincidence in light of the current pandemic situation. However, we should not forget that there are other very important SDG 3 challenges in the world too.


If you're on top of an SDG 3-relevant topic that you find important to communicate, and you would like to do a webinar on that topic, please contact Lars in Slack or via email.

You're also very welcome to get in contact if you have any other sustainability topic in mind.


Expert channel

The expert channel is a closed communication forum for the Expert Community. It makes it easy for you to discuss, supplement and exchange knowledge with other experts and to provide feedback to IMPACTR. 


Presently, 75% of all Experts have joined the expert channel. If you happen to have missed it, please send an email to Lars to let him know, and he will make sure that you get an invite from Slack.

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