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Marine Cornelis

Academia, Industry

I believe cross-sectoral collaboration is key to making a difference for the women and men living on this planet and to bring people and their daily lives in the forefront. This is why I founded Next Energy Consumer; a policy consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels. On a daily basis, I provide support and policy analysis services and advise organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back in the centre. I aim to empower the people by paying extra attention to the most vulnerable elements of our societies, in order to build a just transition.

Lison Daubigeon

Academia, Industry, non-profit sector

My passion shines when working collaboratively and effectively with partners in the public and private sector to advance human rights and sustainable practices on a global scale. My expertise within NGO events and causes sets me apart. I have over four years of experience in managing an array of local and international projects, events and grant programs, including project feasibility/outcome analysis, partnership development, and community engagement within the NGO sector. I promote social inclusion in everything I do. I have a deep understanding of disability rights and how universal design can improve the lives of everyone, not just people with disabilities. I hold a Master of Science in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen, which has equipped me with the theoretical and hands-on knowledge of applying an interdisciplinary lens to solve global sustainability issues. Most recently, I worked with the Danish Institute for Human Rights within the Business and Human Rights department where I co-authored a publication of an analysis on the development process, content, and implementation of current National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights adopted between 2013-2018.

Prachi Bobhate


I am an expert in the individual fields of biotechnology (life sciences), environmental sciences and planning for sustainability & climate change. As, all three are inter-related, the ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable development. My approach is more inclined toward environmental & social part of sustainability.

Dean Tashobya


Dean is a Chemist and an Environmental scientist. He has vast experience in life cycle thinking approach applications - Sustainable chemistry, green fiscal reforms, sustainable resource management, circular economy-greening the economy, sustainable consumption and production, and sustainability standards development. He is also a trainer and practitioner of Circular Economy models, LCA, water, carbon, and environmental footprint. Dean is a receiver of Life Cycle Initiative 2017 LCA Awards. He is also an expert and national delegate, contributing to the development of International Standards representing Uganda on ISO/TC 323(Circular Economy), ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 7, ISO/TC 207/SC5, ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG11 & ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 8 and a contributing expert to Ecosystem-based Adaptation for food security in Africa Assembly (EBAFOSA) standards. Dean is also a consultant for the Uganda government on sustainable coffee production. Dean is the Uganda Chapter Lead for African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Membership Executive for Africa for Circular Economy Club (CEC) and one of the Board of Directors at Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation(FSLCI).

Diego Alonso

Academia, Industry

AI, Cloud, Big Data and IoT as enablers of new global solutions to tackle climate change

Richard Georg Engström

Industry, Serial entrepreneur

I am a senior advisor, thought leader and director in impact business and impact investing. I am founder of and I have a large network of impact entrepreneurs and investors in the Nordics and beyond. 25+ years of business development and financing.

Juana Purchase Hatfield

Academia, Industry

Over the course of my fifteen year career I have worked in development finance, sustainability and management consulting as well as advisory services. Having lived on three continents and worked on multi-country and multi-stakeholder projects; I have become proficient at developing solutions for complex business problems in difficult environments. My passion has become finding the place where People, Profit, the Planet and Innovation meet. I am fascinated by disruptive and profitable products and solutions that have the potential to positively transform systems.

Jennifer Lauber

Industry, banking

Banking and industry - Technology commericalisation and enabling communities through financial solutions

Erik Peter Pardi

Academia, Grassroots movements

I'm a graduate of Aalborg University's Environmental Management & Sustainability Science master's program. Besides my studies, I gathered hands-on experience by being part of several grassroots projects and initiatives in Hungary and Denmark, working with the topics of organic farming, food distributional systems, food waste, sustainable transportation and responsible production and consumption. Overall, my expertise in the sustainability field contribute to a deeper understanding of what practical components are needed in order to achieve a just transition towards a more sustainable future.

Arianna Nicoletti


I´m a Berlin based fashion designer, consultant and entrepreneur working within the field of sustainable fashion and focussing my practice on education and on circular systems for textiles.
My fascination for different aspects of textile waste reduction comes to action through the conception and realisation of best-practice approaches addressing the most relevant stakeholders of the fashion industry. Over the past years I co-founded in Berlin the fashion label "Aluc", the concept store "The Upcycling Fashion Store" and "Water to Wine", a second-hand material pool for upcycling designers.
Since 2017, within my companies "Green Fashion Tours" and "Circular Economy Tours", I develop interactive education formats on fashion and circular economy. These transformative experiences address consumers, students and professionals and aim to bring them on a path of self-empowerment and critical awareness.
Beside these entrepreneurial experiences, I´m active in researching on industrial recycling systems in Europe. Through site visits in recycling centres in Italy, England and the Netherlands and thanks to a research residency at V&A Museum London in 2018, I could deepen my understanding of the circular economy system for textiles. My expertise is practiced within business and public consultancies, as well as in different research projects, workshops, seminaries and talks.
I´m a founding and active member of the NGO Future Fashion Forward e.V. and coordinate the Circular Textile department of the NGO Circular City - Zirküläre Stadt e.V., all in Berlin.

Sofia Fernandez Madero

Academia, Industry

I've been developing my career in CSR and Sustainability in the banking industry for a few years now. In addition, I am SDG advocate and have training in Sustainable Finances.

Dragana Vukasinovic

Academia, Industry, Entrepreneurship

I have 20 years of education and research experience within crop/food production, food safety and food security (see my LinkedIn for more info, below). I was always working to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied agricultural sciences to optimize Primary Food Production – which is how we feed the planet. I self-financed my 1st PhD research where I developed a molecular method for precise, fast and affordable way to identify insect-pests and tailor crop protection strategies by introducing biological control measures. In this way, with early warning diagnostics (proactive) it possible to exclude chemical pesticides in 100%. Furthermore, by introducing biological control strategies - we are growing food and we re-build biodiversity at the same time. This is exactly how the future farming should look like – farming should give and not take. Today, AgroDNA as a service, is part of my startup Fauna Smart Technologies (FST) (www.faunasmarttechnologies). My PhD research at the University of Copenhagen was on climate change effects on insect population dynamics and behavior in crops. I took innovative approach to this as well by introducing new links between sciences and technology thus creating applied agro-eco-physiology – to predict pest attacks already during winter! By improving predictions we make farm management easier, by saving time, money and creating conditions for introducing more biological control strategies (green solutions). With a huuge desire that all that beautiful science steps out into the real world and saves it from itself – I founded Fauna. I believe that the makers of the brave new world are Entrepreneurial Scientists. It is the capacity of a research mindset to Solve Complex Problems and the world needs this more than ever, NOW. At Fauna Smart Technologies we pose the crucial question: HOW do we want to evolve as a species? Healthy and Infinitely Sustainable? How to do it? At FST we provide science based pathway for creating not only livable, but a thriving Planet. We start with agro-ecosystems (human managed systems) and then continue with natural ecosystems. We have been selected for the SDG tech award (2020, DK) for the Infinite Sustainability science and tech system approach for Ecosystem Restoration. This is a result of many years of education and research converged into a beautiful science based pathway to restore the health of our Planet. The system provides the biggest total impact: with depth and scale - starting from the Biosphere and covering all 17 SDGs.

Bob Leonard

Industry, Chief Content Officer at This Spaceship Earth, co-author "Moving to a Finite Earth Economy", board member of Pachamama Alliance PDX and Drawdown presenter

I communicate, educate and gently persuade concerning the societal, political and economic transitions we must go through to get at the route causes of our climate crisis.

David Crookall

Academia, Courses, conferfences, readuing, practice, debriefing, training, etc.

Highlights include: Climate change, Sustainability education, Participatory simulation, Experiential learning, Debriefing, Editing, Publication. Too many things to list here, so please see my profile

Marije de Roos

Academia, Industry, Self study

I’m a circular economist and founder who is disrupting the fashion industry through a brand new ecosystem where Aesthetics meet Ethics. I have a broad interest and am currently educating myself in the field of biofabrication

Veryan Hann

Academia, Industry, Consultancy

My expertise directly relates to sustainability in regard to energy and energy policy. I have postgraduate qualifications in Climate Science and Policy; a Masters in Public Policy (Energy), and a Ph.D. in energy innovation and energy policy, with a focus on the implementation of smart batteries (virtual power plants). I have worked across academia, consultancy and heavy industry. My area of research expertise (PhD) closely relates to the understanding of the implementation and the scaling up of technologies for sustainable transitions.

Gitte Haar

Academia, Industry

Senior Non-Executive Board Member and Strategy Business Advisory within Circular Economy, Climate Change, SDG and Purpose as an important business driver. The new Green Economy creates competitave advantage for companies with new business models, new energy sources, energy optimization and new material streams. Innovation within the Circular Economy.

Kristine Harper

Academia, Practitioner

Aesthetic sustainability, sustainable product design, sustainable fashion, the revitalisation of dying crafts-traditions, sustainable design-strategy

Neelam Pandita


I did my masters in environmental sciences and started my career in Sustainability and climate change 6 years ago. Have worked with multinational corporations, both as a consultant and in-house professional to measure their performance on ESG parameters as per GRI, aligning them with the SDGs.

Christopher Macias Escalona

Academia, Industry

My primary expertise lies in developing models, metrics, and management systems for measuring and managing impacts on sustainable development. This includes advisory and management in relation to responsible business conduct, herein risks assessments in on human rights and the environment, as well as detailing how organisation's can methodically frame, measure and manage their positive impact. As such, I provide insights into how organisations can incorporate impact management strategies into their operations and interconnect their sustainability efforts with their business model(s), both in terms of their negative and positive impacts. Hence I have expertise in organisational development, strategy framing, making impact tangibl and leading social innovation processes through the usages of Design-orientated methods. Finally I have broad insight into anti-discriminatory practices and on how we, politically, co-creationaly and democratically combat social inquality in genera - specifically through an contextual understanding of the asymmetries between majorities/minorities - both on an individual level as well as on a Global South/North perspective.