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Volker Korrmann


I have had several research projects for new irrigation technologies with Humboldt University (Germany) and University of olive trees in Tunisia.

Dragana Vukasinovic

Academia, Industry, Entrepreneurship

I have 20 years of education and research experience within crop/food production, food safety and food security (see my LinkedIn for more info, below). I was always working to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied agricultural sciences to optimize Primary Food Production – which is how we feed the planet. I self-financed my 1st PhD research where I developed a molecular method for precise, fast and affordable way to identify insect-pests and tailor crop protection strategies by introducing biological control measures. In this way, with early warning diagnostics (proactive) it possible to exclude chemical pesticides in 100%. Furthermore, by introducing biological control strategies - we are growing food and we re-build biodiversity at the same time. This is exactly how the future farming should look like – farming should give and not take. Today, AgroDNA as a service, is part of my startup Fauna Smart Technologies (FST) (www.faunasmarttechnologies). My PhD research at the University of Copenhagen was on climate change effects on insect population dynamics and behavior in crops. I took innovative approach to this as well by introducing new links between sciences and technology thus creating applied agro-eco-physiology – to predict pest attacks already during winter! By improving predictions we make farm management easier, by saving time, money and creating conditions for introducing more biological control strategies (green solutions). With a huuge desire that all that beautiful science steps out into the real world and saves it from itself – I founded Fauna. I believe that the makers of the brave new world are Entrepreneurial Scientists. It is the capacity of a research mindset to Solve Complex Problems and the world needs this more than ever, NOW. At Fauna Smart Technologies we pose the crucial question: HOW do we want to evolve as a species? Healthy and Infinitely Sustainable? How to do it? At FST we provide science based pathway for creating not only livable, but a thriving Planet. We start with agro-ecosystems (human managed systems) and then continue with natural ecosystems. We have been selected for the SDG tech award (2020, DK) for the Infinite Sustainability science and tech system approach for Ecosystem Restoration. This is a result of many years of education and research converged into a beautiful science based pathway to restore the health of our Planet. The system provides the biggest total impact: with depth and scale - starting from the Biosphere and covering all 17 SDGs.

Tuly Sarah Costa

Industry, NGO, UN

I am expert in agricultural and environmental science with an interdisciplinary perspective on climate challenges, strategic solution and practical framework for sustainable food transition and food waste management. I have experienced in developing sustainable procurement policy, focusing on the procurement process, operational challenges, supply chain management, and gender mainstreaming. My communication experiences include multi-stakeholder engagement, with internal and external communication, use of IT platforms (Confluence, Sharepoint, G suite) for a range of operational and awareness raising purposes and remote liaison with international partners.

Bauke ter Borg


My expertise at current is sustainable policy; but my sub-expertise is sustainable agriculture. Needless to say, agriculture relates to almost all aspects of sustainability, in the form of sustainable land use, achieving zero hunger (and protecting our capacity to produce food in the first place), reducing inequality (and poverty of farming communities), climate action, and in some ways also gender equality and clean water provision.

Samantha Jewel

Industry, Personal research global travel and multiple conference attendance

I’m 20+ yrs advocating soil health as a solution to all things human ...

Pankaj Kumar

Academia, Industry

I am a founder of a dynamic NGO called Being Green where we focuses on the three E; Environment, Education and Empowerment. Our focus is to improve and aware the community which would yield in betterment of the society. We regularly conducts social experiment and I am on the verge of becoming a social entrepreneur.

Niels Peter Flint

Academia, Industry, projects worldwide

I am an architect, designer and artist who has for more than 35 years solely envisioned sustainable concepts / visions / solutions for the betterment of life on planet earth.

Jennifer Lauber

Industry, banking

Banking and industry - Technology commericalisation and enabling communities through financial solutions

Jesica Murcia López


I'm starting my PhD at Lund University to study synergies and conflicts of land use in the Amazon region of Colombia and the drivers of deforestation, where meat production and cattle production is focus point.

Sofie Mora Fregerslev

Academia, Industry

3 years of work and research with sustainable production has resulted in specialized knowledge on sustainable chocolate production, value chains and development projects in the Latin American jungle. The conclusion was evident for me - sustainability is worth it, and the same results should be applicable in other inustries. These days, I'm working with re-forestation and biodiversity on my own initiative, 'Tree for Life'. Hence, I will bring my experience and knowledge on sustainable production and biodiversity to the table.

Elliot Connor

Academia, Industry

Elliot is a skilled communicator, senior management executive and policy strategist with experience across two dozen charitable organizations. His theory of change seeks to develop a model for mass individualism: empowering future leaders to find their potential, connecting the connectors and generating grassroots impact globally. From Quito, Ecuador to Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa to quiet Sydney suburbs Elliot brings his leadership acumen and systems thinking to bear on the most pressing issues of our 21st century. As the founder and CEO of Human Nature Projects, Elliot displays incredible drive and perspicacity in reframing our human relationship with the natural world. This pioneering conservation community incorporates over 1200 volunteers across 102 countries globally, revolutionizing the environmental field through the extent of its semi-decentralized operations. Recognizing the importance of a holistic viewpoint, Elliot also dedicates much time to other worthy causes. He was a 2019 Ambassador to CoalitionWILD and Tunza Eco-Generation, and continues to undertake ambassadorial duties for the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (Youth Circle), Blue Luxury Investments and Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. He is the director of Youth for our Planet Asia-Pacific and founding board member of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network Oceania. Initiate of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia’s National Youth Leadership Council, he serves also as Assistant Country Director for Global Peace Chain in Australia. The accumulated experience from such a diverse portfolio of course facilitates Elliot’s advocacy at conferences worldwide. He has voiced his thoughts on stage in South Korea, at the World Biodiversity Forum in Davos, locally at TEDx in Sydney, and with further engagements planned at the World Wilderness Congress and World Conservation Congress in the first half of 2020. Such unparalleled devotion to the cause has earned Elliot recognition as Young Citizen of the Year in the 2020 Australia Day Awards and as winner of Samsung’s 2020 Eco-Hero Award. Elliot is the founder of Sydney Naturalists- the only field naturalists’ group in the Greater Sydney area- and has organized monthly gatherings for this collective over the past 18 months. Last year he coordinated Birdlife Australia’s Birdathon event, part of the national Twitchathon which raised a total of 60K AUD for avian conservation. His work in the digital media space complements this by raising awareness of environmental imperatives, along which vein he is currently negotiating a half a million dollar outsourced management agreement with WildEarth TV for a programme that will see two hundred emerging environmentalists contracted in building a revolutionary on-demand platform for natural history film. Elliot is also a member of IUCN’s Commission on Education & Communication, and a Humanitarian with the Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Saqib Hussain

Academia, Industry

As a Environmentalist my strength is the field work for the sustainability of Environment & even i can perform my duty in the most tough climatic condition for the collection of baseline data and monitoring.

Dean Tashobya


Dean is a Chemist and an Environmental scientist. He has vast experience in life cycle thinking approach applications - Sustainable chemistry, green fiscal reforms, sustainable resource management, circular economy-greening the economy, sustainable consumption and production, and sustainability standards development. He is also a trainer and practitioner of Circular Economy models, LCA, water, carbon, and environmental footprint. Dean is a receiver of Life Cycle Initiative 2017 LCA Awards. He is also an expert and national delegate, contributing to the development of International Standards representing Uganda on ISO/TC 323(Circular Economy), ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 7, ISO/TC 207/SC5, ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG11 & ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 8 and a contributing expert to Ecosystem-based Adaptation for food security in Africa Assembly (EBAFOSA) standards. Dean is also a consultant for the Uganda government on sustainable coffee production. Dean is the Uganda Chapter Lead for African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Membership Executive for Africa for Circular Economy Club (CEC) and one of the Board of Directors at Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation(FSLCI).

David Crookall

Academia, Courses, conferfences, readuing, practice, debriefing, training, etc.

Highlights include: Climate change, Sustainability education, Participatory simulation, Experiential learning, Debriefing, Editing, Publication. Too many things to list here, so please see my profile

Richard Georg Engström

Industry, Serial entrepreneur

I am a senior advisor, thought leader and director in impact business and impact investing. I am founder of and I have a large network of impact entrepreneurs and investors in the Nordics and beyond. 25+ years of business development and financing.

Gitte Haar

Academia, Industry

Senior Non-Executive Board Member and Strategy Business Advisory within Circular Economy, Climate Change, SDG and Purpose as an important business driver. The new Green Economy creates competitave advantage for companies with new business models, new energy sources, energy optimization and new material streams. Innovation within the Circular Economy.

Anastasia Tikhonova

Academia, International Organisations

I am an expert in climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture, climate smart agriculture, ecosystems based adaptation and climate finance. I have a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy, and have worked for a number of years for the FAO, UN, but also in higher education sector.

Federica Catonini

Academia, Industry, Volunteering activities in the environmental sector

I am specialised in international environmental law and law of the sea and have relevant professional experience in environmental management, environmental education and sustainability. My expertise in international law, governance and international organisations enables me to have a deep understanding of the policy-related and international legal issues connected to climate change, environmental protection and sustainability.

Anne-Sofie Svendsen


Background in geology and master in cc (dynamic ecosystem functioning at subarctic mire, as a result of recent climate change). Internship at Danmarks Natrufredningsforening, focussing on feedback mechanisms and balance between cc impact, biodiversity and effect of sustainable action (national and bilateral climate policy). Insight in mitigating soil management, with focus on wetlands and climate effects

Sergio Rejado Albaina

International Development organizations

I am a professional of the field of natural resources management and international cooperation, with professional activity as well as environmental journalist, educator, and in innovation management. I have worked in over 10 countries in 3 different continents in various project and programme management positions and for organizations at multiple levels (from community-led NGOs, to international organizations and the private sector). I am also an entrepreneur, and I am passionate about music, travelling, outdoor activities, lifelong learning, and languages (I speak fluently English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, with notions of other languages).