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Marine Cornelis

Academia, Industry

I believe cross-sectoral collaboration is key to making a difference for the women and men living on this planet and to bring people and their daily lives in the forefront. This is why I founded Next Energy Consumer; a policy consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels. On a daily basis, I provide support and policy analysis services and advise organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back in the centre. I aim to empower the people by paying extra attention to the most vulnerable elements of our societies, in order to build a just transition.

Lison Daubigeon

Academia, Industry, non-profit sector

My passion shines when working collaboratively and effectively with partners in the public and private sector to advance human rights and sustainable practices on a global scale. My expertise within NGO events and causes sets me apart. I have over four years of experience in managing an array of local and international projects, events and grant programs, including project feasibility/outcome analysis, partnership development, and community engagement within the NGO sector. I promote social inclusion in everything I do. I have a deep understanding of disability rights and how universal design can improve the lives of everyone, not just people with disabilities. I hold a Master of Science in Global Development from the University of Copenhagen, which has equipped me with the theoretical and hands-on knowledge of applying an interdisciplinary lens to solve global sustainability issues. Most recently, I worked with the Danish Institute for Human Rights within the Business and Human Rights department where I co-authored a publication of an analysis on the development process, content, and implementation of current National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights adopted between 2013-2018.

Prachi Bobhate


I am an expert in the individual fields of biotechnology (life sciences), environmental sciences and planning for sustainability & climate change. As, all three are inter-related, the ultimate aim is to achieve sustainable development. My approach is more inclined toward environmental & social part of sustainability.

Tuly Sarah Costa

Industry, NGO, UN

I am expert in agricultural and environmental science with an interdisciplinary perspective on climate challenges, strategic solution and practical framework for sustainable food transition and food waste management. I have experienced in developing sustainable procurement policy, focusing on the procurement process, operational challenges, supply chain management, and gender mainstreaming. My communication experiences include multi-stakeholder engagement, with internal and external communication, use of IT platforms (Confluence, Sharepoint, G suite) for a range of operational and awareness raising purposes and remote liaison with international partners.

Charlotte Ernst


As a Sustainable Design Engineer (cand.polyt. in Sustainable Design) I am able to contribute with the assessment of how and where sustainability can be strategically integrated and help support transitions of sustainability in society. I work with strategies that include the ability to change beliefs, behaviours and mindsets that can help establish allies and mobilise these in order to involve more people. During my master’s thesis I explored how practices of sustainable communities can influence and affect the practices of traditional housings in urban neighbourhoods through social interactions. And in a broader perspective contribute to Copenhagen’s Agenda 21-strategy targeting UN’s SDG 11.

Dean Tashobya


Dean is a Chemist and an Environmental scientist. He has vast experience in life cycle thinking approach applications - Sustainable chemistry, green fiscal reforms, sustainable resource management, circular economy-greening the economy, sustainable consumption and production, and sustainability standards development. He is also a trainer and practitioner of Circular Economy models, LCA, water, carbon, and environmental footprint. Dean is a receiver of Life Cycle Initiative 2017 LCA Awards. He is also an expert and national delegate, contributing to the development of International Standards representing Uganda on ISO/TC 323(Circular Economy), ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 7, ISO/TC 207/SC5, ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG11 & ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 8 and a contributing expert to Ecosystem-based Adaptation for food security in Africa Assembly (EBAFOSA) standards. Dean is also a consultant for the Uganda government on sustainable coffee production. Dean is the Uganda Chapter Lead for African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Membership Executive for Africa for Circular Economy Club (CEC) and one of the Board of Directors at Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation(FSLCI).

Aaron Magenheim

Industry, agriculture & technology, ag-food supply chains

Aaron is an entrepreneur working globally across the Agriculture and technology nexis specializing in the development and implementation of innovation and growth strategies advising corporates, governments, NGO's, investors, and farmers through successful AgTech integration and best practices across the supply chain.

Immersed in the family agricultural irrigation company in California since childhood, Aaron pioneered one of the first stand-alone AgTechnology integration companies in 2011, Signature AgTech, bringing new solutions to farmers, with unprecedented support.

Following his vision and global economies, in 2014 he founded AgTech Insight as a full service consulting and advisory firm offering expertise to ensure success and projection in today’s global economy. Their team of subject matter experts consists of experienced, top-level agriculture and technology professionals from around the world. Today, Aaron travels often working globally with clients concentrating on the US, Latin America and Asia markets. He works with public and private sector leaders building and implementing innovative strategies across the Ag & food supply chain and Go to Market process speeding up adoption rates.

Aaron has been a co-founder of AgTech startups in both hardware and software development with global operation as well as has become a leader in the AgTech movement and speaks to groups around the world.

Samantha Jewel

Industry, Personal research global travel and multiple conference attendance

I’m 20+ yrs advocating soil health as a solution to all things human ...

Ashantha Goonetilleke


Ashantha Goonetilleke is a Professor in Water/Environmental Engineering at Queensland University of Technology with an enduring commitment to make the water environment more sustainable and contribute to its adaptation to climate change. Ashantha has achieved significant success in undertaking projects of relevance to industry and the community and the translation of outcomes for practical application. He also possesses sixteen years of professional experience in the areas of Integrated Water Resources Management, water security, water supply and sanitation, climate change adaptation and rural and regional development.

Arevik Minasyan


I have over eighteen years of experience in national and international projects on the topic of Aquatic Microbiology. My area of specialization includes topics on water-quality related (special focus on cyanobacteria) and ecosystem services in the lakes and rivers and the means to remediate and to mitigate the negative effect of the main pollutants to influence the entire ecosystem structure and functioning.

Lea Kohlhage

Academia, public administration; own firm (consultancy and training)

Bachelor in Environmental Engineering, Master in Cities and Sustainability; professional mediator and moderator for meaningful, effective, focussed and productive transdisciplinary collaboration; seminar leader for communication and conflict resolution, resilience, wellbeing and team-building. Expert in citizen participation; Practical experience as climate action manager for communities; Network of international sustainability experts.

Dragana Vukasinovic

Academia, Industry, Entrepreneurship

I have 20 years of education and research experience within crop/food production, food safety and food security (see my LinkedIn for more info, below). I was always working to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied agricultural sciences to optimize Primary Food Production – which is how we feed the planet. I self-financed my 1st PhD research where I developed a molecular method for precise, fast and affordable way to identify insect-pests and tailor crop protection strategies by introducing biological control measures. In this way, with early warning diagnostics (proactive) it possible to exclude chemical pesticides in 100%. Furthermore, by introducing biological control strategies - we are growing food and we re-build biodiversity at the same time. This is exactly how the future farming should look like – farming should give and not take. Today, AgroDNA as a service, is part of my startup Fauna Smart Technologies (FST) (www.faunasmarttechnologies). My PhD research at the University of Copenhagen was on climate change effects on insect population dynamics and behavior in crops. I took innovative approach to this as well by introducing new links between sciences and technology thus creating applied agro-eco-physiology – to predict pest attacks already during winter! By improving predictions we make farm management easier, by saving time, money and creating conditions for introducing more biological control strategies (green solutions). With a huuge desire that all that beautiful science steps out into the real world and saves it from itself – I founded Fauna. I believe that the makers of the brave new world are Entrepreneurial Scientists. It is the capacity of a research mindset to Solve Complex Problems and the world needs this more than ever, NOW. At Fauna Smart Technologies we pose the crucial question: HOW do we want to evolve as a species? Healthy and Infinitely Sustainable? How to do it? At FST we provide science based pathway for creating not only livable, but a thriving Planet. We start with agro-ecosystems (human managed systems) and then continue with natural ecosystems. We have been selected for the SDG tech award (2020, DK) for the Infinite Sustainability science and tech system approach for Ecosystem Restoration. This is a result of many years of education and research converged into a beautiful science based pathway to restore the health of our Planet. The system provides the biggest total impact: with depth and scale - starting from the Biosphere and covering all 17 SDGs.

Saqib Hussain

Academia, Industry

As a Environmentalist my strength is the field work for the sustainability of Environment & even i can perform my duty in the most tough climatic condition for the collection of baseline data and monitoring.

Tove Holm

Academia, Industry

My core expertise areas are change management, adult education for sustainable development, networking and transdisciplinary and applied research. I am interested in applied transdisciplinary projects, which enhances education for sustainable development, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, Baltic Sea protection and Agenda 2030. I love organizing and facilitating workshops, preferably cross-disciplinary and presenting my work. I finished my PhD in 2014 on enabling change in universities: enhancing education for sustainable development with tools for quality assurance, an action research, based on change management; which nine higher education institutions from Denmark, Finland and Sweden participated in. I have worked with these topics my entire working career, over 20 years.

Fiona Lord


I led the Global Green Growth Institute's green city development program in Cambodia in 2015-17, and supported the design of the Phnom Penh Sustainable City Development Plan, as well as a National Strategic Plan for Green Secondary Cities. I am currently undertaking a PhD focused on sustainable city development in Southeast Asia. I have worked in public policy and programs on natural resources management and climate change in the Australian Government and in the NSW Government.

Elissa Glorie


My background in marketing and impact strategy for social enterprises has seen me work with many companies and non-profits in sustainable energy, circular food production, economic empowerment and equality. I'm now starting Moja (launching March), an underwear company that turns consumer power into projects that donate underwear, create job opportunities and contribute to hygiene workshops. We do this with a one-for-one model, however the donated pair are ALWAYS made in the local community in which they're donated by people with a distance to the labour market. As a One Young World Ambassador and frequent guest speaker at various events in The Netherlands, I believe I have build a strong expertise in understanding how to approach change and I look forward to furthering that with Impactr.

Tais Reznikova

Non profit sector

BIO: Tais Reznikova is a water resources management specialist with an academic background in IWRM, environmental management and policy. She is a specialist at the Water Initiatives Support Programme at the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) in Almaty, Kazakhstan and has more than 4 years of experience of the implementation of the water projects in Central Asia in the field of basin management and planning, water diplomacy and ecosystem-based management. She holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Science, Policy and Management from Central European University and Lund University. Her academic interest relates to the engagement of the private sector with sustainable water management and sustainability issues. Tais is currently coordinating the swiss Blue Peace Central Asia – Dialogue Platform project aiming to promote evidence-based dialogue at the political level and to ensure support effective and sustainable transboundary water management in Central Asia.

Sarah Cragg


Sustainability and communications expert working with multinationals and global brands to build strategic campaigns and partnerships that enable business to be a force for good. Combining strong commercial experience with a deep understanding and passion for social and environmental impact. Driving positive impact through partnerships between business, government and civil society. Experience working with the world's more sustainable businesses and innovative NGOs: Unilever including Lifebuoy, Ben & Jerry’s, Sunlight, Knorr, Close Up; Danone; and Virgin Unite (Richard Branson’s foundation). Qualified lawyer.

Gitte Haar

Academia, Industry

Senior Non-Executive Board Member and Strategy Business Advisory within Circular Economy, Climate Change, SDG and Purpose as an important business driver. The new Green Economy creates competitave advantage for companies with new business models, new energy sources, energy optimization and new material streams. Innovation within the Circular Economy.

Niels Peter Flint

Academia, Industry, projects worldwide

I am an architect, designer and artist who has for more than 35 years solely envisioned sustainable concepts / visions / solutions for the betterment of life on planet earth.