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Marine Cornelis

Art Director

I believe cross-sectoral collaboration is key to making a difference for the women and men living on this planet and to bring people and their daily lives in the forefront. This is why I founded Next Energy Consumer; a policy consultancy focused on the social aspects of the energy and climate transitions at European and international levels. On a daily basis, I provide support and policy analysis services and advise organisations to set up strategies to put the citizens back in the centre. I aim to empower the people by paying extra attention to the most vulnerable elements of our societies, in order to build a just transition.

Volker Korrmann

Art Director

I have had several research projects for new irrigation technologies with Humboldt University (Germany) and University of olive trees in Tunisia.

Giulia Marzetti

Art Director

A chemical engineering by training, Ms Giulia Marzetti has worked as a Systems Engineer Consultant for innovative transport and energy projects within smart cities architecture in the UK and Australia. Between 2016 and 2017, Giulia has worked as an engineer for a hydrogen energy storage project in Scotland, first of this kind, contributing to the SDG 7 -affordable and clean energy. Her expertise in Sustainable Infrastructures and Climate Change has brought her to be a delegate at the 12th Conference of Youth as part of COP22 in Marrakesh, a delegate to the 2019 UN Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for the UNECE region, a delegate at the Obama Foundation Town Hall Europe, a Talent of the UN Innovation Lab for Sustainable Development Goals and a Delegate at the Yunus Social Design Lab in Bangladesh. Giulia is one of the driving personalities behind “European Footprints”, a European project raising awareness of environmental issues and SDGs while engaging communities and connecting them with sustainability local initiatives. During the European Elections, Giulia was a lead volunteer for the “ThistimeImvoting” Campaign, raising citizens participation in the elections and helping reach one of the highest ever turnout to the polls. She was a youth speaker with the UN Major Group for Children and Youth at the 2018 and 2019 G.STIC Conference in Brussels and a panelist at the last COP24 for the EU side event “Tapping the potential of Mediterranean Youth in climate action”. Giulia has been a fellow at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice Programme, where she developed innovative carbon capture membranes. She is now a Local Representative for the Climate-KIC Alumni Association in London and a representative for the Women@EIT initiative, where she raise awareness of women in scientific professions. Giulia is currently working for the EU on several innovative transport and energy storage projects advancing the 2030 Agenda and working on the EU Green Deal.

Benyoh Nsafon

Art Director

Benyoh Kigha Nsafon is a PhD Candidate in the Institute of Global Climate Change and Energy, Kyungpook National University, South Korea where his research is focused on sustainable energy generation for decentralized electrification. He has engineered, developed and implemented renewable energy projects in Africa, the most recent being the "Technical Assistance" for Togo's solar energy technology funded by the CTCN. Benyoh has equally advised and accompanied governments in the achievement of the INDCs submitted to the UNFCCC. Benyoh is also a country member of the "Climate Change Focal Team" in the Ministry of Rural Development, Cameroon where he is responsible for monitoring and implementation of accords reached at the UNFCCC.

Caroline Gebara

Art Director

I have a degree in MSc. Eng. in Sustainable Energy and has worked with SDG 7 in my mster thesis. I have experience with quantitative sustainability assessment including Life Cycle Assessment and Absolute Sustainability. I am currently working as a research assistant at the Technical University of Denmark, working with sustainability assessments.

Dean Tashobya

Art Director

Dean is a Chemist and an Environmental scientist. He has vast experience in life cycle thinking approach applications - Sustainable chemistry, green fiscal reforms, sustainable resource management, circular economy-greening the economy, sustainable consumption and production, and sustainability standards development. He is also a trainer and practitioner of Circular Economy models, LCA, water, carbon, and environmental footprint. Dean is a receiver of Life Cycle Initiative 2017 LCA Awards. He is also an expert and national delegate, contributing to the development of International Standards representing Uganda on ISO/TC 323(Circular Economy), ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 7, ISO/TC 207/SC5, ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG11 & ISO/TC 207/SC 1/WG 8 and a contributing expert to Ecosystem-based Adaptation for food security in Africa Assembly (EBAFOSA) standards. Dean is also a consultant for the Uganda government on sustainable coffee production. Dean is the Uganda Chapter Lead for African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), Membership Executive for Africa for Circular Economy Club (CEC) and one of the Board of Directors at Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation(FSLCI).

Peter Paul van Voorst tot Voorst

Art Director

Peter Paul van Voorst, founder of Skoon Energy, is active in the world of batteries. Motivated to contribute to the energy transition, Peter Paul started the company with the goal to offer an innovative service enabling a wide range of users to transition to the use of sustainable energy sources. As a young entrepeneur, he is looking to collaborate with many different partners, meaning intellectual property is shared more it is being protected.

Javier Gonzales Iwanciw

Art Director

Involved in the climate field since 1998, particularly concerned with the potential impacts of climate change and policy measures to enhance resilience.

Veryan Hann

Art Director

My expertise directly relates to sustainability in regard to energy and energy policy. I have postgraduate qualifications in Climate Science and Policy; a Masters in Public Policy (Energy), and a Ph.D. in energy innovation and energy policy, with a focus on the implementation of smart batteries (virtual power plants). I have worked across academia, consultancy and heavy industry. My area of research expertise (PhD) closely relates to the understanding of the implementation and the scaling up of technologies for sustainable transitions.

Juana Purchase Hatfield

Art Director

Over the course of my fifteen year career I have worked in development finance, sustainability and management consulting as well as advisory services. Having lived on three continents and worked on multi-country and multi-stakeholder projects; I have become proficient at developing solutions for complex business problems in difficult environments. My passion has become finding the place where People, Profit, the Planet and Innovation meet. I am fascinated by disruptive and profitable products and solutions that have the potential to positively transform systems.

Lea Kohlhage

Art Director

Bachelor in Environmental Engineering, Master in Cities and Sustainability; professional mediator and moderator for meaningful, effective, focussed and productive transdisciplinary collaboration; seminar leader for communication and conflict resolution, resilience, wellbeing and team-building. Expert in citizen participation; Practical experience as climate action manager for communities; Network of international sustainability experts.

Dragana Vukasinovic

Art Director

I have 20 years of education and research experience within crop/food production, food safety and food security (see my LinkedIn for more info, below). I was always working to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied agricultural sciences to optimize Primary Food Production – which is how we feed the planet. I self-financed my 1st PhD research where I developed a molecular method for precise, fast and affordable way to identify insect-pests and tailor crop protection strategies by introducing biological control measures. In this way, with early warning diagnostics (proactive) it possible to exclude chemical pesticides in 100%. Furthermore, by introducing biological control strategies - we are growing food and we re-build biodiversity at the same time. This is exactly how the future farming should look like – farming should give and not take. Today, AgroDNA as a service, is part of my startup Fauna Smart Technologies (FST) (www.faunasmarttechnologies). My PhD research at the University of Copenhagen was on climate change effects on insect population dynamics and behavior in crops. I took innovative approach to this as well by introducing new links between sciences and technology thus creating applied agro-eco-physiology – to predict pest attacks already during winter! By improving predictions we make farm management easier, by saving time, money and creating conditions for introducing more biological control strategies (green solutions). With a huuge desire that all that beautiful science steps out into the real world and saves it from itself – I founded Fauna. I believe that the makers of the brave new world are Entrepreneurial Scientists. It is the capacity of a research mindset to Solve Complex Problems and the world needs this more than ever, NOW. At Fauna Smart Technologies we pose the crucial question: HOW do we want to evolve as a species? Healthy and Infinitely Sustainable? How to do it? At FST we provide science based pathway for creating not only livable, but a thriving Planet. We start with agro-ecosystems (human managed systems) and then continue with natural ecosystems. We have been selected for the SDG tech award (2020, DK) for the Infinite Sustainability science and tech system approach for Ecosystem Restoration. This is a result of many years of education and research converged into a beautiful science based pathway to restore the health of our Planet. The system provides the biggest total impact: with depth and scale - starting from the Biosphere and covering all 17 SDGs.

Saqib Hussain

Art Director

As a Environmentalist my strength is the field work for the sustainability of Environment & even i can perform my duty in the most tough climatic condition for the collection of baseline data and monitoring.

Bob Leonard

Art Director

I communicate, educate and gently persuade concerning the societal, political and economic transitions we must go through to get at the route causes of our climate crisis.

Fiona Lord

Art Director

I led the Global Green Growth Institute's green city development program in Cambodia in 2015-17, and supported the design of the Phnom Penh Sustainable City Development Plan, as well as a National Strategic Plan for Green Secondary Cities. I am currently undertaking a PhD focused on sustainable city development in Southeast Asia. I have worked in public policy and programs on natural resources management and climate change in the Australian Government and in the NSW Government.

Nassera Ahmed

Art Director

I work as a Sustainability Manager at Chr. Hansen A/S. Chr. Hansen has been among the world leading companies on sustainability. I was able to map all of Chr. Hansen's products to the UN Global Goals and link them to their revenue. I am passionate about sustainable development, having realized there is no other way for growth. I also understand the important of making sure that the core businesses have to lead the way towards sustainable development which will influence policy development in the right way. I have been working with the life cycle assessment tool (LCA) for over 10 years and have a background in waste management technologies. I believe the knowledge of LCA and a corporate background, gives me the right overview to look at an issue from all possible scenarios and workout a solution that satisfies all stakeholders without compromising on sustainability. Infact my dream is that the new business model is nothing but sustainability driven business. Recently, I have also been involved in partnerships building and public affairs to influence the right policy decisions. Apart from all of this, I have used my presentation skills to spread the message on sustainability with various stakeholders like investors, policy makers, thinktanks, NGOs, customers and consumers etc. In the last 3 years, Chr. Hansen has been ranked the most sustainable company by Corporate Knights among their Global 100 list (no1 in 2019 and no.2 in 2020). Personally I was among the SDG pioneer nominees for Denmark by the UN Global Compact. I also realize there is a long way to go and I have a lot of work to do. But I am hopeful that with the right group of people and minds, we can achieve a lot!

Samantha Jewel

Art Director

I’m 20+ yrs advocating soil health as a solution to all things human ...

Pankaj Kumar

Art Director

I am a founder of a dynamic NGO called Being Green where we focuses on the three E; Environment, Education and Empowerment. Our focus is to improve and aware the community which would yield in betterment of the society. We regularly conducts social experiment and I am on the verge of becoming a social entrepreneur.

Soeren Thomsen

Art Director

I am a PHD holding ocean and climate scientists.

Gitte Haar

Art Director

Senior Non-Executive Board Member and Strategy Business Advisory within Circular Economy, Climate Change, SDG and Purpose as an important business driver. The new Green Economy creates competitave advantage for companies with new business models, new energy sources, energy optimization and new material streams. Innovation within the Circular Economy.