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The Social Media for Sustainability

The IMPACTR App is the one-stop destination for all things Sustainability.

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Join campaigns and take immediate action!


Scroll on the home feed to find impactful campaigns and sustainability actions for you to engage with.  Each post is connected to a sustainable development goal so you know which sustainability area your impact goes towards.

Personalised based on what you care about!


Choose the sustainability areas you are most interested in, and IMPACTR will personalise your experience on these topics.  All actions on IMPACTR are connected to a sustainable development goal, so we can see the collective impact of our individual actions on the world´s most crucial issues.

Upgrade your status!


For those who want to become even more active members of the IMPACTR community, there is a “level-up” process.  Only approved Experts, Ambassadors, Contributors and Affiliates (visible with a status badge) can create posts on IMPACTR, so that we can maintain trust and integrity in the content shared on the app.

Track and show your impact!


When you take actions on IMPACTR these are counted as impacts on your profile!  You can share with others the impact you´re making in sustainability areas that you care about.   Others will also be able to see your “recent impacts” by scrolling down on your profile, so they can discover and do the same actions as you!

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Share about impactful actions and campaigns for others to discover!

The IMPACTR App is a dedicated place for sharing and taking action on sustainable development.  If you are looking to reach a conscious audience who are ready to #actnow then IMPACTR is the place for you!

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Privacy Promise

Everything we do has a benefit to you, our community. Your trust is so important to us. We respect your privacy and are committed to keeping your data safe and secure.  We only collect data that we are required to by law, what is necessary for the platform to function properly, and data that helps serve our community. That's our promise to you. 

Future Updates

We know that there are some features you may be used to seeing on certain apps that are not quite ready yet on the current version of the IMPACTR App.  We are busily continuing the build of IMPACTR´s app, adding features, so that the next versions of the IMPACTR app will keep making your overall experience even more awesome!

Customer Service

Need to delete a post you before we have that feature enabled on the App?  If you have any queries or issues with our App please contact Customer Service via email at   We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.


We´d love your feedback - help build the IMPACTR App with us!

Join our community Slack channel by clicking on the icon above, and share your feedback and ideas for next app versions!   Alternatively you can email directly to