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Grim is Good: Meet the Danish start-up challenging our perceptions of food, and fighting waste!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Did you know that about one third of all food produced for human consumption goes to waste? According to a study commissioned by the United Nations Food and Agriculture agency, that amounts to more than one billion tonnes of waste around the world every year. Food waste is a huge issue in industrialised countries, mainly because we're throwing perfectly edible food in the bin often because of the way it looks.

Thankfully, there are innovative solutions like Grim addressing the problem. IMPACTR met with the Danish start-up who are leading the charge in produce-positivity by challenging the way people think about food, and making it their mission to create a new quality standard for what's edible. Danish for "ugly", Grim work directly with farmers to create unique and surprising weekly boxes of fruit and veg. Lovingly packed in their humble Copenhagen HQ, each box tells the back story of it's weekly star - from the broccoli floret that never made its way to the supermarket shelf or the carrot that wound up a little wonky.

Grim works on a subscription basis, so your regular delivery is only a few clicks away. Choose to get your box delivered straight to your door or pick it up at one of their pick up spots across the Copenhagen area. One thing they can promise is a surprisingly good mix of basic staples and funky fresh items, sourced from 100% organic or biodynamic certified farmers, of course. If you're as fed-up with produce shaming as we are, choose Grim and let's fight food waste together!

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