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Never too young to lead

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Molly Jeans Roberts is 17. She’s a year 11 student who splits her time between studying and working with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC), School Strikes 4 Climate (SS4C), Stop Adani, and Extinction Rebellion (XR). She, like many her age, are becoming some of the most prolific leaders of the sustainability revolution and voices of their generation. From Greta Thunberg to the Extinction Rebellion collective, their message is being echoed around the world. The time for change is now.

And at Impactr, we live by the words of the late Kofi-Annan, “You’re never too young to lead, and never too old too learn.” An intergenerational approach, and more broadly diversity and inclusion, are vital if we are to galvanize every human in what should be our collective goal: a more sustainable future for all. Because the crisis has arrived, and we have a deadline. We are honoured and excited to have Molly as part of the leadership guiding our path to making sustainability the new normal.

“I joined the Impactr Advisory Board because I am hopeful that Impactrs will encourage and mobilise people from all sides of every spectrum into demanding and acting on real acts of justice, respect for our earth, it's animals, and its people. I want to be a part of that. We are in the middle of a climate and ecological collapse, which is affecting people right now. The time for action is long overdue and the only way we can win is together. I have hope that Impactr may achieve this.” – Molly Jeans Roberts, Student, Activist, and Impactr Advisory Board Member.

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