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oikos Copenhagen

Association / Network / Community

We empower students to be change makers through various self organised projects that cover different sustainability aspects. These stretch from impacting sustainability on campus, including sustainability course in existing curricula, organising debates and workshops and case competitions on sustainability related subjects and connecting students to social enterprises and firms that actively implement sustainability in their work.


Youth for Sustainable Impact


We have multiple projects running under us.

Project AYUDHA: We educate and train (skill-development) rural communities to manufacture Eco-friendly fashion accessories, apparel and home-decor items. We also connect them with markets. Our focus is on women to help them break the gender based stereotypes. Our aim through this project is to promote green jobs and to promote the culture of entrepreneurship in rural communities which would help them to attain financial independence.

Another Project under YSI is to spread awareness and to engage youth to take action for SDGs. We visit educational institutes to conduct sessions on SDGs and then the students are mentored and guided to take action for SDGs in their local communities. They work in groups and start a project based on their interested SDG.

Project STEP: We did a pilot project on testing an IQ-EQ based adaptive & interactive education system with more focus on practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. We believe education should be fun-based learning. We also focused on giving the results in the form of optimistic comments with graphs instead of grades which reduces the depression caused due to low grades. We also gave equal importance to extra-curricular activities and va;lue education. Students were involved in activities to promote SDGs along with studies. This pilot was successful and we plan to implement in large scale.

Recycled Island.gif

Recycled Island Foundation


We work on solutions for plastic-free rivers and oceans. We do this with our Awareness & Education program, cleanups, circular product development, and cleaning rivers from plastics with Litter Traps. These Traps are passive, simple and cost-efficient, and made with recycled plastics.




FødevareBanken collects fresh surplus food from the food industry and delivers it to organisations working with socially disadvantaged people in Denmark. Thereby reducing food waste and giving socially disadvantaged people access to more, better and more varied meals




We work with mostly young girls and women, we give them a free training we employ them in the company and for the ones that won't be working with us them will take the free knowledge and skills learned with us to find a good and sustainable job.


The Good Plate Company

Social Enterprise

We supply compostable and sustainable single use tableware made from agricultural waste in order to replace single use plastics. We also provide waste management services


Lulu Lab

Social Enterprise

As of 2018, 132 million girls are not in school. Due to stigmas, poverty and menstruation. As long as girls and women are prevented from achieving their full potential, the world is only taking steps backward: Promoting gender equality and educating girls is key for the world to deliver on all SDGs. Through partnerships with some of the largest NGOs in the world, we develop educational games on Sexual and Reproductive Health as well as Mental Health, to educate and empower girls and boys(!) to make informed decisions about their own bodies and their own future.

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Social Enterprise

YourLocal is a social enterprise that helps locals save money and reduce food surplus with their favorite neighborhood shops and restaurants. By connecting patrons & restaurants through the YourLocal app, restaurants can post their unsold food (up to 70% off) and alert nearby users who want to snag a tasty deal before day’s end. Simply review the deal, buy the meal, and pick it up at the shop before closing.

YourLocal exists to combat this through a simple and empowering solution. Each purchase made through YourLocal creates an opportunity to educate and remind our partners and users of the inherent value in their surplus food. When a YourLocaler buys a meal, they are reminded of the power to vote with their dollar. Each YourLocal offer they buy, immediately supports their community (by buying local) and environment (keeping food out of the landfill) - building momentum towards the next simple act of good.




WAIR is on a mission to give textile waste a second chance by transforming it into upcycled shoes.

Thereby, we can provide the fashionable and environmentally conscious consumer with a sustainable alternative to the conventional shoe brands - that lives up to their expectations of style and price. By upcycling textile waste, we are reducing our need for new resources while also addressing the environmental problem that the textile waste generation in the fashion industry represents.


Just Plants


Mainstreaming plant-based deliciousness to reduce resource consumption and preserve biodiversity


Social Enterprise is a Center for Acceleration of Change. In short, our purpose is to 'challenge the norm, develop credible alternatives and accelerate change.'

This is why we host a non-profit knowledge platform, event and project space and a co-creative community for people who want to support the acceleration of change towards a sustainable way of living. By applying a holistic approach to sustainability and promoting alternative solutions, we spread awareness and promote human connection.

Our co-creative community is an intersection point for Changers of all kind and empowers people to act, using our joint forces.




We are in business to make the restaurant business and other sushi restaurants more sustainable by leading by example



Social Enterprise

Mostly offsetting and carbon reduction

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Circular Food Technology

Social Enterprise

We upcycle industrial food waste to new foods.

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we work to translate sdg goals into professional kitchens, through empowering staff and management by working on concrete actions and analyzes of daily practice

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Bike Express Logistik

Company & Social Enterprise

We are an urban logistics business using only electric cargo bikes to deliver goods. Our goal is to remove as many vans and trucks from the city streets as possible. We too believe business can be a force for good. We are triple bottom line practioners and an aspiring B Corp.

download (3).jpeg



Cleantech solutions to reduce the energy consumption and waste management solutions.




As a next-gen electricity retailer, we are trying to make it easy, fair and fun to use electricity, make it tangible, and help you to become an active & conscious consumer.
We are striving to help our users, incl. those who are not (yet) customers), to understand how electricity works in DK: when is it expensive/cheap, when is it green/less green.
We do not make money on the distribution of electricity, only on a monthly subscription. Thereby, we are truly incentivized to help our customers consume less electricity.
Upcoming features:
- we will publish our API which will enable your connected (smart) appliances or your heat pump to turn on/off depending on when electricity is green/less green, or cheap/expensive
- we will be able to calculate your CO2 footprint related to your electricity consumption, and offer you the possibility to compensate/mitigate that CO2 footprint.

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Shift Organic Technologies

Social Enterprise

We develop innovative climate smart integrated organic farming systems. Taking into account soil and water conservation while increasing productivity for sustainable food production. Through community egagement we foster for the adoption of our innovations and share our solutions through trainings and farm visits.



Social Enterprise

Monkiri is a mobile e-learning platform focusing on improving financial literacy and inclusion. Our goal is to empower users to make their own informed financial decision and provide them with transparency when making a selection. We do this through our modular lesson approach that breaks down different financial concepts in an engaging way. We include animations, gifs, skill testing questions, financial tools and more to help make our content as interesting and useful as possible.
Once a user has finished a lesson topic, we then expose them to a list of relevant financial service providers. We want Monkiri to act as a bridge that helps connect users with impact financial services.




Greencubator is an incubator and community for sustainable entrepreneurs and startups. We help them grow and increase their impact by providing network, consulting and guidance to them.

Better World Fashion.png



We are b-corp certified with a score of 102 - awarded best for the world 2017 and 2018

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We are working to eliminate waste in the construction industry by monitoring the health of building components throughout their lifetime. If all components were monitored with our solution, building owners would have no excuse to not reuse more materials and the world would have 33% less waste.




We promote jobs with a sustainable, positive impact. That’s it. We believe that enabling all people to work with a purpose will be the biggest leap forward for humankind.




We produce craft drinks using surplus and wild ingredients.

Screenshot 2019-09-08 at 20.51.05.png



Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is a national association for everyone interested in social entrepreneurship, social innovation, social enterprise, co-production and other solutions to welfare issues across the civil, public and private sectors. Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark (SED) is a network forum where social entrepreneurs can find knowledge, get help and support, exchange experiences and ideas and mutually inspire each other. Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark is constantly working to strengthen networks for social entrepreneurs locally, nationally in Denmark and internationally to the benefit of our members. Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark see the UN Sustainable Development Goals (The SDG´s) as a natural framework for the work of the association. Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark in particular works with Goal 4 Education, Goal 12 Sustainable Consumption and Goal 17 Partnerships for Action.




In our business impact is the core because we source fruit and vegetables that would otherwise not be eaten, because they don´t look perfect enough or because they are over produced. We feed it back to the food system and to consumers. We are tackling food waste where it happens in the beginning of the food chain. Everyday smashing the food industry beauty standards!

Through the GRIM food box subscription we make it really easy for people to find and use multi-sustainable ingredients: organic, anti-food waste and minimum packaging!


JExiste"Ton Acte,mon Identité"

Social Enterprise

20% of children in my country exist but do not have a birth certificate, and every year 40,000 of them are excluded from school because of the absence of this administrative document. Our organization contributes to the SDG 16.09 which wants to ensure an identity for all by 2030. We have created a virtual census and support platform for the declaration made up of a digital information device with videos translated into the different national languages ​​and a census tool to advocate with our states. we regularize every year 10,000 children for free, are a community of 1,500 people in Senegal and have also opened a branch in Guinea


Muld KBH


The shop has organic and biodynamic wine. Organic wine on tanks, so you can refill your bottle. We try to have the shop filled with organic and/or plants grown in the local area. In summer we have organic and danish cut flowers in the shop. Most pots and vases in the shop is secondhand.

Brook Infa.jpg

Brook Infa


We produce protein from mealworms as a more sustainable source of animal protein and as a means to process organic waste.


Oppourtunities World

Social Enterprise

As a former social worker, my goal of starting my female-owned business is to develop an abilities-inclusive workplace that provides a living wage & competitive employment in my community, particularly for individuals with intellectual, developmental, & physical disabilities. Our product focus is also on using ingredients & resources in an eco-conscious way that highlights sustainable resources and holistic animal care.


Venezia Autentica

Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise aims at transforming tourism in a driver of sustainable development. Through digital social innovation, we empower visitors and residents and make it easy for travellers to support SMEs that make a positive impact on their community. We've been active in Venice for the past few years and are now looking to bring our win-win-win model to

scratch kitchen.png

Scratch Kitchen


As a former social worker, my goal of starting my female-owned business is to develop an abilities-inclusive workplace that provides a living wage & competitive employment in my community, particularly for individuals with intellectual, developmental, & physical disabilities. Our product focus is also on using ingredients & resources in an eco-conscious way that highlights sustainable resources and holistic animal care.


AgUnity Pty Ltd


Connecting the Last Mile
The most important challenge in the world today and No 1 of the 17 UN Sustainable development goals for 2030 is “No Poverty”, lifting the remaining billion people above the poverty line.

Of those in poverty, the vast majority are in farming, fishing or part of their usually remote rural communities. Good organizations worldwide are investing trillions to address SDG1 but they struggle to reach and connect with these people efficiently.

You cannot eliminate poverty without solving financial inclusion, and you cannot address financial inclusion, at scale, without technology inclusion and digital identity.

AgUnity are helping transform the lives of people in low income rural communities with smartphone and blockchain technology that is relevant to them because it is easy to understand and solves real problems.


Global Map for Local Solutions

Association / Network / Community

We empower local governments with information and tools. We created a map that has more than 1000 solutions that leaders of local governments are implementing in Latin America.

download (2).png


Association / Network / Community

Marcharh begin with advancing in interdisciplinary science for peace development and resilience community.




Providing women in prison better opportunity and creating high quality clothes in terms of slow fashion.


Aquagen Infrastructure Systems, Inc.


We are engaged in algae based convergent utility infrastructure development for community sustainability and resiliency and planetary restoration.

Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 18.34.25.png




ANOTHER ASPECT is born from a reaction to our excessive consumption of clothes. We seek another way of doing things than the fast fashion trends and tendencies. To not contribute to the throw-away culture, we develop products that inspire a thoughtful and sensible consumption.

By reconstructing the timeless items from the classic menswear wardrobe we generate everlasting styles with aesthetics and sustainability as the building blocks. Our styles can easily be changed according to the modern man’s daily needs based on his activity, personality, and environment.

Our dreams are that our customers will put in best endeavours when making decisions about their next purchase and keep our planet and its humans in mind. Hopefully also, that such an approach from consumers will have a contagious impact on the supply from the leading fashion companies.

Green in Blue.jpg

Green In Blue Sl


We support innovative people developing aquaponic projects around the world. Aquaponic cultivation is a sustainable solution for food production which allows a doubled productivity, without using soil and chemicals, and uses ten times less water than conventional agriculture. We produce, we research, but most importantly, we are pioneers specializing in international aquaponics consulting: designing, building and following projects from commercial plants to professional kits. Beyond offering sustainable technology, we believe in a holistic approach where sharing knowledge and raising awareness support technology to build a more sustainable future together.

Screenshot 2019-10-15 at 18.31.00.png



I am making handcrafted jewelry with reusing materials and melting old metals together to a new jewelry piece. I am thinking of expanding to do sustainable handmade production abroad, paying a fair wage to the local artisans. I am thinking about expanding to open a innovative shop combining vegan cuisine, sustainable jewelry and other sustainably made items from all over the world. Ideally I’m aiming for giving back a part to poor communities and build schools in Africa with a share of the profits.




The network Sustainable Change Makers puts a action orientated perspective on sustainability by gathering prominent change makers from the millennial generation across competencies and industries in Denmark.



Social Enterprise

We are a platform for people who want to collect money for good causes while the search, browse and shop online. We share the profits with the listed NGO's, and the causes people feels closest to their heart.




We offer manned live chat 24/7 to companies who want to convert their website traffic. Our chat is manned by people with a physical handicap who otherwise find it near impossible to find employment in today's society. Some can work as little as 4 hours a week but with our solution, they can work from home when they have the energy. We provide decent work to a part of society that has unequal access to employment.

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 22.06.21.png



EduSTEM Port harcourt chapter uses a unique methodology to educate, encourage, and empower youths to pursue STEM careers- STEMX curriculum. Our STEMX initiative embodies the diversity in applications within STEM fields; STEM can widely manifest itself in various impactful and meaningful careers such as political science, art, literature, and entrepreneurship. What makes our organization unique is that we run our workshops exploring these intersections of how STEM can be used through a multi-faceted approach. Through our STEMX initiative, we hope to develop youth leaders in a diverse multitude of fields who are empowered with the knowledge that STEM can be used for social good in any of their career paths.

Screenshot 2019-09-12 at 22.03.25.png


Social Enterprise

Buddha Bikes build and create second hand bikes in unison with running programmes and apprenticeships for vulnerable youths.




We want to enable action to understand and guide technology towards a bright sustainable future.




We would like to contribute to a better news feed on SoMe.

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Social Enterprise

We push the transitioning to regenerative agroforestry and sequester carbon, improve biodiversity, soil health, water health, build farm resilience, and assist farmers in adapting to climate change.

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Ladies First is a catalyst for value-creating meetings between women that lift and develop women's talents in their work life.
Ladies First supports the development of sustainable organisations and businesses with equal opportunity for full and effective participation in decision making and leadership for all regardless of gender within all industries and sectors.